Jonathan Sherr has spent the past fifteen years in Japan as a narrator, actor, translator and consultant to Japanese business and industry—from the martial arts entertainment and gaming industries, to restaurant and food services, as well as Japanese radio and television. After earning a degree in Japanese language from the University of Iowa/Nanzan University language program, he was hired directly into the international business division of AMANO where he was in charge of the company’s South American distributorships, overseeing the translation of software, company manuals and international correspondence. He has worked as a narrator and voice over specialist in the Japanese television and film industry since 2003, was host of NHK’s popular program, “Hello From Tokyo,” and costarred with Mao Inoue in the feature-length movie “My Darling is  a Foreigner” for Toho Studios in 2010. He plays the lead in When Sushi Met Saki, which is scheduled for release in the Fall 2013.